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Friday, July 08, 2005

Hello, Blog World!

Im Mel and Im a new comer! :)

Gosh, it's been Y E A R S since I last wrote. One of my goals in this life is to keep a journal to reflect on some of my thoughts. This is a good start, I think. :) I have spent some time reading your blogs and they are awesome. :)

Anyways, let me introduce my furry best friend, Tigger. My friend took this picture with her sidekick and I think it's one of the best pictures I have of him. I love him to death. He brings light in my life when Im in the dark.

*stomach growling* I'm soooo hungry. Nothing in the fridge except for ketchup, one of my fave foods. Oooo, I know what to eat now. Im gonna order a kickass pizza from Mombo's. New Yorkers: Mombo's pizza beats the heck out of the NY pizzas!

*smiles* that's intersting how my first post turns out after too much of time not writing. :) I'll blog some time soon.

Much love,